How will we achieve this?

Upgrading the properties and handling of digital gift cards/vouchers, and coupons.

“A decentralized infrastructure based on “Blockchain Technology”

6 reasons for using blockchain technology for digital gift cards and coupon choice.

From business process point of view…

DLT is the best technology for realizing “Open Loop and Closed Loop” gift card scenarios.

Transparency of transactions on the ledger for all stakeholders can be best visualized with DLT.

Blockchain Technology is more cost-efficient than financial services offered by tranditional banks and conservative payment providers.

From a more general technical point of view…

Enabling ownership of vouchers and stimulating trust & credibility – Ownership of vouchers can be distinctively transferred between users.

Introducing a level of security based on public/private key technologies typical for Blockchain applications – Eliminate fraud, making gift cards, vouchers, and coupons tamper-proof and immutable.

Low energy consumption through energy-efficient consensus mechanism.