The future of gift cards,
coupons and loyalty.

What is redimi about?

redimi is the most innovative platform for shopping malls and outlets for issuing, managing, and redeeming digital gift cards & coupons.

And as such the most profitable, since we only take minimal fees, and leave the entire breakage to the shopping mall.

Next generation physical gift cards

Combine Open-Loop features with a Closed-Loop system.

Since redimi uses either VISA or Mastercard, integratio via payment terminal is automatic.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure enables reloadable, physical gift cards.

Since no magnet stripe or chip card is needed, we can offer sustainable physical cards from recycled PVC or paper.

Disruptive digital gift cards

Frictionless and easily integrated into your POS.

Our digital gift cards are easy to redeem via NFC.

Since we are using DLT infrastructure, all digital gift cards can be reloaded, shared AND split.

Digital gift cards can easily be customized by your customers, for a more personal touch.

Data driven digital coupons

Deploy customer-specific coupons.

All integrated merchants get a dashboard with coupon management features. 

Redimi offers great transaction dashboards & and in-depth data analytics on coupon redemption.

Use the redimi dashboards to create focused coupon marketing campaigns.


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Core Team

Dr. Pierre Taner Kirisci

CEO & Founder

Dr. Bernd Bredehorst

COO & Co-Founder

Dr. Toralf Kahlert

CFO & Co-Founder

Nadine Kamal

Senior Sales Manager

Aleksandar Boskovski

CPO & Strategic Partnerships

Zohaib Shahzad

Lead Developer

Asad Khalid

Lead Developer

Zain Shahwar

Core Developer

Abdul Samad

Front End Developer

Our Partners

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