From physical to fully digital – Gift Cards & Coupons

Physical gift cards - disrupted

A physical & reloadable gift card with your own branding

  • either out of recycled PVC or recycled cardboard
    (Supplier of most major international brands)


  • redimi organizes the production of physical gift cards as well as the fulfillment to the customer, outside the shopping mall (Online Delivery)

  • Purchasing of gift cards via your web shop or at the info point of the mal

Digital Gift Card Management

A digital and white-labeled gift card solution.

  • Redeeming and splitting of gift cards

  • Transfer of gift cards to friends and family

  • Overview of remaining balance

  • Personalization of digital gift cards by the customer

  • Digital shopping receipts

  • Easy customer onboarding via phone number

A digital and adaptable couponing system


  • Every shopping mall retailer can be easily integrated


  • Convenient handling of coupons via QR code.


  • Easily adaptable for season-based and/or campaign-driven promotions


  • Cross-merchant coupons possible

A highly comprehensive loyalty dashboard

  • Merchant Portal with Data Reporting

  • Transaction Dashboards & Data Analytics

  • Your retailers can issue their own coupons

  • Your retailers can create their own marketing campaigns, specifically for your shopping mall

Quick comparison with other solutions