About us

Redimi is a cutting-edge mobile wallet designed to provide seamless and secure management of digital vouchers. Our platform is built on a robust blockchain infrastructure, ensuring the highest level of security and personalization for all your digital vouchers.

As a mobile wallet, Redimi allows users to easily store, redeem, and transfer digital vouchers with just a few clicks. Our platform is currently in the prototype phase, and we are actively testing it in various shopping centers to ensure its functionality and reliability.

In addition to its primary functions, Redimi also offers several useful features to enhance the user experience. These features include the virtualization of loyalty cards, the management of third-party digital coupons and vouchers, integration with Google Pay for quick payments, and fingerprint authentication for added security. Our platform also includes contact management tools, which allow for quick and easy transactions between users.

At present, the purchase of vouchers through Redimi is only possible via supported shopping centers and retailers. However, we are continuously working to expand our network and make our platform more accessible to users worldwide.

At Redimi, we are committed to providing a simple, secure, and convenient solution for managing all your digital vouchers. Join us today and experience the future of mobile wallet technology.