Our Core Team

Our team is motivated to explore how private-permissioned and public-permissionless DLT networks can help to solve real-world problems. In this manner, it is often our approach to complement and enhance existing business infrastructures, while combining well-established technologies such as Data Analytics & AI with progressive technologies such as Self-Sovereign/Machine Identities & NFTs.

Meet the redimi founders and supporting team, an interdisciplinary team of experts committed to redefining gift cards and coupons for the retail industry.

Dr. Pierre Taner Kirisci

Founder, redimi CEO & Business Development

Dr. Toralf Kahlert

Co-founder, redimi CFO & Use Cases

Dr. Bernd Bredehorst

Co-Founder, redimi COO & Cross-Channel Sales

Nadine KamalĀ 

Sales & Customer relationships

Asad Khalid

redimi development core team

Zain Shahwar

redimi development core team

Zohaib Shahzad

redimi development core team

Aleks Boskovski

Marketing & Stragetic partnerships