Redimi disrupts the industry of digital gift cards & coupons in the retail sector

Redimi awarded XRPL Grant

We are pleased to announce that Redimi has been awarded as a Wave 4 recipient of the XRPL Grant 

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We are committed to solving the problems of shopping malls and retailers regarding gift card management and clearing

Did you know…

Issuing, maintaining, and accounting of physical gift cards costs up to 1,50 EUR/gift card.​

Money transaction costs are averagely 0.1-0.4 EUR per transaction. On a global scale, money transaction costs are at least 400 Bn USD/year!

Redimi’s ambition is to bring the internet-of-value to the retail industry by introducing tailored DLT solutions to shopping mall and retail environments.

Our team is dedicated to create a unique decentralized infrastructure for shopping malls and retailers, facilitating gift card & coupon issuing and management, leading to tangible benefits and cost-efficiency throughout the entire value chain. Redimi has all the means to become the next standard for digital gift card solutions. Check out our most recent project GRAIL supported by the XRPL’s Software Developer Grants Program.

The global market for gift cards and coupons is significant!

The total available market (TAM) market for open-/closed-loop giftcards in all retailer product segments and distribution channels is at $423 Bn in 2022 and will continue to evolve to $600 Bn by 2025 with a CAGR at 14%.

“With the unprecedented COVID-19 health crisis, the demand for gift cards has experienced significant growth, owing to limited use of cash payments in the market. In addition, as consumers have increased the usage of more effective & secured payments for shopping online, the key players have an opportunity to implement better product offerings by providing discounts for gift cards, during the pandemic situation.”

(Alliedmarketresearch, 12/2020)

"Redimi focuses on closed-loop and open-loop gift cards. We project this not only to be as one of the most lucrative segments in the gift card market, but we envisage that closed- and open-loop gift cards will evolve or converge to “hybrid-loop gift cards”, combining the best of both worlds."

(Pierre T. Kirisci, February 2021)

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